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Ponte Vedra Beach

Our consistent family destination for beach vacations.

Family beach

Some time ago, probably about 20 years, my wife's mother and father moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, near Jacksonville.

Her mother wasn't in good health at the time, and did not live long. 

We were able, however, to enjoy severa...

Children Playing on the Beach


RB's Ribs

Son-in-law Max, owner with his brother of several highly successful restaurants, thinks RB makes the best ribs of all. He may just be being nice, but he is consistent. And he surely eats his share.


At least a day before cooking, coat the ribs in your rub, then cover them tightly with cellophane wrap and return to refrigerator.

Take 1 cup of smoking chips and begin soaking them--at least an hour before starting to cook.

An hour...

Laura Lea Hiding Her Face

Laura Lea Hiding Her Face Expand icon

Laura Lea & a Baltimore Friend

Laura Lea & a Baltimore Friend Expand icon